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Gulfood Manufacturing

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Welcome to Gulfood Manufacturing

Gulfood Manufacturing is the BIGGEST food and beverage processing event in the MEASA Region.

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Do you want to do business with the food and drink manufacturers from the MEASA region?

With over 26,000 visitors attending our event to source from machinery, new ingredients to transport and packaging solutions, Gulfood Manufacturing is the right platform for you.

Book your stand today to exhibit at Gulfood Manufacturing:

Wheel If you cultivate, extract, process or supply raw materials and ingredients to the food and beverage industry.

wheel If you supply materials or machinery and equipment to the food and beverage processing and packaging industries.

Wheel If your solutions help move ingredients, food or beverages to, through and from the factory then Gulfood Manufacturing.

The food industry is growing

Where is your opportunity?

This incredible demand places an enormous burden on the food industry to increase output, efficiency, quality, safety, innovation and product diversity. And all whilst driving down cost, improving margin and profitability. It’s a challenge BUT  Gulfood Manufacturing can help you…

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Your challenges are infinite...

Gulfood Manufacturing has the solutions...

Tetra Pak
Food and beverage manufacturing is an increasingly complex business, and if you are running a food or beverage production plant, you'll know just how difficult it is! The challenges are infinite BUT so are your opportunities...

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The biggest brands

Do business with the best

Gulfood Manufacturing
TNA, Tetra Pak , ISHIDA, AMF Markel, Mecatherm, Multivac, Falconpack, Cargill, Dohler, Wild Transveritas, IFFCO, CSM International and many more.
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Economic Outlook

Free conference for all visitors

The Food and Beverage Industrial Investment Conference is a strategic investment event bringing together overseas investors and MNCs currently exploring economic, market and manufacturing opportunities in the region.

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Opening Times
  • Tuesday 27 October 10:00 - 18:00
  • Wednesday 28 October 10:00 - 18:00
  • Thursday 29 October 10:00 - 17:00


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