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Demand for cheese powder rises owing to quick meal options and on-the-go snacks

by: Jenny Eagle, William Reed Business Media 23-Aug-2017

The global cheese powder market is expected to grow with the highest compound annual growth rate from 2017 to 2023, thanks to a rise in quick meal options and snacking-on-the-go, says Allied Market Research.

It claims key players including Lactosan, Land O’ Lakes, Kerry Group, Kraft Foods, Aarkay Food Products, All American Foods, Kanegrade and Dairiconconcepts are some of the companies who are making a significant contribution to the global market.  
Satyajit Shinde, digital marketing specialist, Allied Market Research, told DairyReporter, fast food joints are heavily dependent on the cheese market to cater to the volume of customers. “Cheese, now converted to cheese powder is the easiest available packaged version of cheese in the market,” he said.
“The key players in the cheese powder market are focusing on expansions, new variants, and acquisitions. They are catering to various local and global markets.” 

According to Allied Market Research, factors such as rapid urbanization, industrialization, simplifying of tasks, the introduction of packaged food and an increase in working population are the driving forces behind the increase in the cheese powder market. 

The majority of the leading companies for this market are located in the US due to heavy demand and the changing dietary habits of consumers have made a ‘considerable influence’.

“In 2015, North America was registered as the largest market in terms of volume and value. The regions in Asia-Pacific will witness a boom in the cheese powder market due to their high disposable income and changing lifestyles,” added Shinde. 

The cheese powder market is segmented according to types of cheese including  Mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, American cheese, blue cheese, gouda and other variants of cheese. 

Cheddar cheese had the largest market share since 2015.

The cheese powder market is used for snacks such as the evergreen mac and cheese, ready to eat meals, confectionery products, different spreads, fast-food joints such as McDonald's, Wendy’s, Burger King and KFC.     

However, Shinde  warned negative news articles on the concerns of excessive cheese powder consumption threaten the market. 

For example, the FDA warns cheese powder may contain phthalates, the chemical substance used to make plastic softer and flexible. 

It is also used in rubber, inks, adhesives, and protective wrappings. Traces can also be found in cosmetics, skin creams, and even fast foods. 

Phthalates are found in most everyday household items. This industrial chemical disrupts the hormone systems and messes with the endocrine system, including causing potential harm in infants.

A number of consumer organizations in the US are working towards banning chemical substances in such items including The Center for Food Safety and Ecology Center.  

In response the global cheese manufacturers are adhering to food regulations and are constantly doing regular food checks so that their products are fit for consumption. 

“The inclusion of phthalates is obviously not deliberate. The entire method of processing and packaging bring in traces of phthalates into a product. However, it is evident that unrestrained consumption of cheese will lead to obesity and bring about heart disease,” added Shinde.



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