Sharad Barlingay

Sharad Barlingay

HEAD - TECHNICAL SUPPORT, Tasty Bite Eatables Limited ( Mars Foods )


1. Worked on projects like

a. Reduced sugar in tomato ketchup and other sauces

b. 30 % sugar reduction and 45 % fat reduction in Lemon cake

c. Fibre enriched bread

d. Sodium reduced Breads

e. Egg replacement in Bakery products

f. Texture control in Bakery product

g. diet ice-creams

h. fat free yoghurt

i. coated nuts

j. Meat Analogue/ Plant proteins

2. Won the “Best Functional Food Award” in Gulf Food 2013 for Noor Mayo Lite fortified by Omega 3 , Vitamin D and fibers and captured 7 % of the MENA market and generated around 4 million dirhams sale in 1 year

3. Created a plethora of Food products:

• No added sugar biscuits

• Fiber enriched biscuits

• Sodium reduced bakery products

• Sodium reduction in snacks

• Fat reduction in Ice creams.

• No added sugar (Hot break ) tomato ketchup

• No added sugar(Cold break) tomato ketchup

• Flavoured mayonnaise

• Tikka

• Lemon

• Chilli

• Ketchup

• Garlic

• Black pepper

2. Low fat mayonnaise

3. Teriyaki sauce, Marinara sauce, Coleslaw dressings, Fat free Italian dressing

4. Sweet and sour sauce

5. Béchamel sauce with clean label starch

Quality Control/ Quality Assurance:

• Worked on BRC certification ( Global standard for food safety Issue 7: 2015) with DNV

• Conducted Health, Environment & Safety (HSE) in-house training, compliance audit and risk assessment revision; implemented Quality / Food Safety Management Systems such as ISO 22000 & HACCP

• Played a key role in improving raw material quality by taking initiatives such as TQM, Six sigma.

• Monitored the QA / SQC of all the lines (online, raw material & finished products)

• Engaged in SAP implementation and HACCP certification

• Analysed costs & managed modern instruments like Protein Analysis, Gluten Index, GC, HPLC, Spray drier & Minolta Colour Meter • Extensive working knowledge of Project Management Tools including CRM, SAP and Sales force


1. As a Chairperson in Dubai Drink technology expo 2018(https://drinkexpo.ae/profile/sharadbarlingay/) in Dubai trade center on Sugar vs Sweeteners

2. As a speaker in Global-dairy-innovation-congress-mena-2019 on Dairy Opportunities and Trends in MENA (http://www.szwgroup.com/global-dairy-innovation-congress-mena2019/speaker)

3. As a speaker in Gulf food manufacturing 2021 on “ Meat alternatives