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Amalia Khachatryan

Ms Amalia Khachatryan

Deputy Director of Advisory and Policy Planning, Oxford Analytica

Amalia has extensive experience in the provision of analysis and advisory services to corporate and government institutions on issues related to foreign policy, global economics and security. Her recent work includes producing qualitative and quantitative scenario assessments of political, economic and regulatory risks related to the Russia-Ukraine crisis and sanctions, energy security and the impact of oil prices on regional and global prospects.

Amalia has previously managed the research portfolio of the International Economics Department at Chatham House, working for over 5 years on issues related to the Gulf and Asian financial centres, G20 and global governance as well as a wide range of advisory programmes. Prior to this, she held posts with the United Nations and worked for the US State Department programme in Armenia. She holds an MA in International Relations and an MPhil in Russian and East European Studies from the University of Oxford, and speaks fluent Russian, Armenian and English.



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