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16 Oct 2022

Could This Paper Cup Help Us Quit Plastic Coffee Cups for Good?

Could This Paper Cup Help Us Quit Plastic Coffee Cups for Good?

A new patented paper cup called The Good Cup aims to help consumers quit single-use plastic. Can it work?

ChoosePlanetA, a green packaging solutions company, says its Good Cup can help reduce the use of plastic cups. Its alternative is made from bio-based and 100 percent certified home compostable paper that’s free from Polyethylene (PE) coating. The cup comes with a fully integrated top flap that folds and locks into place, removing the need for a plastic lid.

“Most sustainable solutions and plastic alternatives are in general two to three times more costly in the packaging industry. The Good Cup is not only highly sustainable, but it also offers cost savings,” Cyril Drouet, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ChoosePlanetA, said in a statement.

“One of the key advantages is that it is produced using the same machines as those used for traditional paper cups, and because no plastic lids are required,” the company says. Switching to The Good Cup equals a 40 percent reduction on storage space, transportation volume, and carbon footprint. “In other words, a substantial cost savings.”

The company also says its cup design offers “a superior drinking experience” due to the spill-proof design and a shape best suited to spout drinking. ChoosePlanetA says this new breakthrough solution is a “win-all” solution for companies and consumers.

More than 500 billion plastic cups are used every year, and more than 29 million tons of polystyrene are produced every year. Plastic is a leading cause of ocean pollution and as a fossil fuel byproduct, a leading contributor to climate change.

“On the one hand, The Good Cup can help companies to reduce dependence on plastic and operation costs; on the other, it meets the demands of today’s consumers who are increasingly more concerned with the environmental impact of their purchases,” the company says.

“The impact of The Good Cup’s use is far-reaching and varied; from creating significant savings at the point of production and increasing brand awareness to its most crucial and necessary impact– helping to alleviate the environmental crisis by removing plastic, one lid at a time,” said Drouet.  

According to Drouet, the company’s mission is to protect the planet by helping brand owners, manufacturers, and distributors meet their sustainability goals “while elevating the consumer experience.”

“Consumers will not feel guilty about consuming plastic and truly feel great drinking from a disposable cup that doesn’t do harm to the environment,” Drouet says. “After all, the planet is the most important thing to humans as there is no Planet B.” 

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