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Key Growth Drivers

gfmDairy is forecast to grow at a 2.3% CAGR to 2021. Improved cold chain infrastructure in major markets such as Latin America, Asia Pacific and Middle East & North Africa is supporting growth in fresh, chilled milk, yoghurts and cheese products with nutritious dairy products fitting well within the global interest in healthier foods.

Lactose-free milks are also growing as consumers look for more easily digestible alternatives, in many markets.

Growth in the Middle East and Africa is due to the expanding population, frequent new product launches (especially in flavoured milk), retail development and effective marketing initiatives by key players

Product trends

Yoghurt and sour milk products are expected to grow fastest globally by 2021. On the other hand, sour milk products which are known as ayran, laban, lassi in different countries, are expected to gain more share in both retail and food service as they are perceived as healthier options compared to other soft drinks. probiotic beverages, due to health concerns, as yogurt  and probiotic beverages help to achieve gastrointestinal health.

Slowest growth is expected for butter and margarine in each region.

Current processing methods

Dairy supply chains are required to be highly robust, because margins are tight and delivery windows are small. Due to the short shelf life of many dairy products, errors in delivery planning or fulfilment can wipe out all profit.

Leading global dairy suppliers are making use of technology in all stages of the supply chain to combat these industry challenges. Traceability, fast order turnaround and visibility of all aspects of the supply chain are giving dairy producers the required competitive edge to effectively reach out to their customers.

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