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  • 29-31 October 2019
  • Dubai World Trade Centre

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Gulfood Manufacturing

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  • 29-31 October 2019
  • Dubai World Trade Centre

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Foodtech Summit

The Gulfood Manufacturing Foodtech Summit will once again bring together international F&B experts and industry leaders, key decision makers and innovators to discuss the global F&B market developments and the latest solutions that will help the industry improve efficiency, productivity, and quality.

The second edition of the conference will look at the introduction of next-gen technologies into the industry (blockchain, AI, robotics…etc) to transform F&B manufacturing facilities into smart factories and how that will potentially advance the industry. The program will also explore how we can secure food for the future and to what extent F&B industry can innovate and create alternative food supply and resources.

This global platform is taking place from 30-31 October 2019 at Al Multaqua Ballroom.



30 Oct 2019
  1. Assessing your factory's needs and challenges and how digitalization can help overcome them Exploring latest digital technologies for manufacturing Identifying the right technologies for your business ...
  2. How can process automation save cost and create efficiency while accelerate your transformation journey Gaining visibility and insights from business data Creating KPI's to measure the success of your ...
  3. Innovation has been an integral part of operational excellence, organizations are revolutionizing their operation in order to grow value and compete on global scale, they are now focusing on reinventi ...
  4. Digital twins are digital replicas of a manufacturing facility. By bridging the physical and the virtual world, data is transmitted seamlessly allowing the virtual facility to exist simultaneously wit ...
  5. Looking at the 4th industrial revolution and how it has affected the global manufacturing industry How is the F&B industry capitalizing on the 4th industrial revolution? Looking at the latest technolo ...
  6. In today’s fast moving world, consumers are increasingly looking to live healthy and happy, they are treating their body like an eco-systems by seeking products that complement their personal health n ...
  7. This session is about a vision of a world where everyone eats healthy, food that nurtures our bodies, tastes good, promote "live the good life" and is accessible to all. This only happens if we think ...
  8. Digital technologies is the new value added approach in enhancing food regulations and quality standards Leveraging Data to drive transparency and openness  Are F&B regulatory regimes keeping pace wit ...
31 Oct 2019
  1. How IoT and F&B Packaging work together Maximizing data collection in order to optimize operations and boost sales efficiency Use cases of QR Code, VR, AR in F&B packaging Going friendly in packaging
  2. The Big F&B industry is still trying to figure out how to regain trust and confidence from customers, to be more aligned with their values, and to be more transparent. The technological revolution has ...

*The agenda will be updated on a regular basis and is subject to change. 

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