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  • 3-5 November 2020
  • Dubai World Trade Centre
  • Global business event connecting food production, processing and supply chain companies to food & beverage industry buyers.

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Gulfood Manufacturing

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  • 7-9 November 2021
  • Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

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Foodtech Summit


The Gulfood Manufacturing Foodtech Summit will once again bring together international F&B experts and industry leaders, key decision makers and innovators to discuss the global F&B market developments and the latest solutions that will help the industry improve efficiency, productivity, and quality.

The second edition of the conference will look at the introduction of next-gen technologies into the industry (blockchain, AI, robotics…etc) to transform F&B manufacturing facilities into smart factories and how that will potentially advance the industry. The program will also explore how we can secure food for the future and to what extent F&B industry can innovate and create alternative food supply and resources.

This global platform is taking place from 30-31 October 2019 at Al Multaqua Ballroom.

*Registered visitors will gain free access 


30 Oct 2019
    • Foodtech Summit
    • Foodtech Summit
    Welcome remarks by show organizer Dubai World Trade Centre.
    • Foodtech Summit
    How humankind produces its food and drink is ripe for transformative change. Historic trends are converging, in which technological capability is rising to meet major global issues. All of us – produc ...
    • Foodtech Summit
    The challenges that the food industry is facing are such that no one can solve them alone. From sustainability issues to a rapidly changing regulatory environment to digitalization and evolving consum ...
    • Foodtech Summit
    While the focus on taste preference in foods and beverages had driven the quest for indulgence, in recent years, taste has become increasingly the most effective lever to drive healthier and more sust ...
    • Foodtech Summit
    How can process automation save cost and create efficiency while accelerate your transformation journey Gaining visibility and insights from business data Creating KPI’s to measure the success of your ...
    • Foodtech Summit
    Operational excellence (OpEx) is a mindset, not a methodology. It is the relentless pursuit of finding ways to improve performance and profitability. It is finding money and performance boosts in area ...
  1. The rapid pace of change with consumers is accelerating faster than ever before, so whatever your innovation challenge is today; it’s going to be anything but business as usual tomorrow! IFF’s panopti ...
    • Foodtech Summit
    ‘Digital twins’ are digital replicas of all parts of the production value chain from product design, production planning, engineering and execution to services. By bridging the physical and the virtua ...
    • Foodtech Summit
    From urban farming to plant based protein; this is a platform for startups to showcase their innovations that has been driving consumer trends and demands. The showcase will be followed by a panel dis ...
31 Oct 2019
    • Foodtech Summit
  1. The food and beverage industry are facing growing challenges concerning food safety & quality, productivity and sustainability. Digital technologies and data will help meet these challenges and revolu ...
    • Foodtech Summit
    The industry is changing the way it operates to close the gap and better suit the ever changing needs and values of the young digital generation, making it important for the packaging industry to stay ...
    • Foodtech Summit
    Applying AI to enhance and automate decision making to reinvent current business models Combining pattern capabilities with more advanced prescriptive capabilities Mitigating future adverse events wit ...
    • Foodtech Summit
    Looking at the 4th industrial revolution and how it has affected the global manufacturing industry How is the F&B industry capitalizing on the 4th industrial revolution? Looking at the latest technolo ...

*The agenda will be updated on a regular basis and is subject to change.