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Zhangjiagang City Wanjin Machinery Co.,ltd

Hall: Shk Saeed Hall Stand: S-G59
  • Automatic Controls
  • Automation Systems
Zhangjiagang Wanjin Machinery Co., Ltd. was established on November 19, 2010, with its registered address at A07 Science and Technology Innovation Park, Jinfeng Town, Zhangjiagang City, and its legal representative is Qin Zhihong. The business scope includes the manufacturing, processing and sales of mechanical equipment and parts; Purchase and sales of environmental protection equipment; Self operating and acting as an agent for the import and export of all kinds of goods and technologies (except for the goods and technologies that are restricted or prohibited from import and export by the state). (For projects that need to be approved according to law, business activities can only be carried out with the approval of relevant departments.) Zhangjiagang Wanjin Machinery Co., Ltd. invested in three companies.




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