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With more than 35 years of history, we are specialized in equipment for buffets and catering. With a complete line of equipment, we have everything you need to serve ready-made food at the correct temperature, including hot and cold lanes, sneeze guards with heat lighting, heat lamps, serving platters, portable cold trays and much more! In addition to selling individual equipment, we do complete and customized projects on demand. Our main equipment, the thermoelectric Glass, replaces with many advantages, the traditional systems used for heat maintenance, such as the bain-marie and the rechaud. They are more economical, safe, practical and have a digital temperature controller from 30°C to 160°C. They can be used with any material, including grab and go or delivery packaging. Below, learn about the products of our product lines: - Heat maintenance: thermoelectric glasses, heat lamps, retractable heat lamps, carving stations, grab&go carts -Cold maintenance: refrigerated shelves, cold trays, ice boxes, grab&go carts - Protection: different models of sneeze guards, with heating or LED lighting - Furniture: modular counters and tables that can be customized - Utensils: aluminum platters of different sizes, to be used with hot or cold surfaces - Display service: towers, cubes and shelves to assemble unique presentations! Visit ou booth to know more!


Rua das Baideiras, 229
Praça Acapulco, 50
São Paulo



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  • The GLASART line of furniture offers planned counters and tables for all of your needs. With a modern design, they offer uniqueness, practicality and charm to your environment. They represent the main ...
  • GLASART Sneeze Guards come with two types of lighting, cold lighting using LED lamps or hot with infrared lamps to help maintain and valorize the exposed dishes. The model with infrared heating lamps ...
  • These cold trays use thermal gel bags to provide cooling and freshness to food. The gel bags are non-toxic, do not lose flexibility even when frozen and maintain the temperature for 3 hours on average ...
  • Available in different sizes, they can be built into any counter or table. They are available with a black screen-printed glass or stainless steel surface and in a double version, with two refrigerate ...
  • Ideal for markets and bakeries to serve already packed food at the correct temperature. It can also be used as a regular buffet.
  • Cartving station with powerful infrared heat lamp, available with cutting board or thermoelectric glass. Using the cutting board, it is possible to cut directly over the board. With the thermoelectric ...
  • The Spot heat lamps bring versatility. They can be used on the buffet, in catering operations, in restaurants and much more. Light and easy to transport, they are the ideal complement to the thermoele ...
  • Retractable 250W heat lamps. Available in 4 different colors and 3 different models.
  • The best solution to keep your dishes warm. Available in 4 different sizes, exists in the versions countertop or built-in. - Durable: ?The resistance is printed on the tempered glass, so it will not b ...