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Tomra Sorting NV

Hall: Hall 3 Stand: E3-41
  • Additives
  • Proteins
  • General Processing Technology
  • Fruit Processing Machines
  • Food Processing Machines
  • Peeling
TOMRA Sorting NV


Researchpark Hassrode 1622
Romeinse straat 20


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  • After years of global teamwork, laser technology is introduced to the market of conventional sorting with the TOMRA 3C. Addressing your daily challenges in seeds, grains, beans, pulses and nuts sortin ...
  • Boasting the highest capacity on the market, the TOMRA 3A isthe most robust, reliable and cost-effective optical sorter available for growers. Built to last, it is a highly efficient, durable and powe ...
  • The TOMRA 5X is a revolutionary X-ray sorting machine from TOMRA Food that will change the way you see your product. It integrates never-before-seen contrast and resolution - resulting in incomparable ...
  • The TOMRA 5C is a premium optical sorter in the next generationof best-in-class solutions for the nut and dried fruit industry. The TOMRA 5C’s upgraded system and industry-leading sensors seamlessly a ...
  • The TOMRA 5B sorting machine guarantees optimal sorting of your food products. It helps you meet the highest standards for both food safety and quality. The sorter has a user-friendly design, excellen ...
  • The TOMRA 5A brings superior foreign material removal, quality inspection and peel quality control to the table. Running the highest capacities in the industry, this process potato sorter significantl ...
  • TOMRA Food machines are equipped with the latest technologies and designed to process a variety of products based on your requirements. Offering high-value and safe products to your customers is our p ...
  • TOMRA Food has everything in place to meet your needs in terms of a highly qualitative output of processed vegetables. Offering high-value and safe products to your customers is our priority. We take ...
  • In order to meet the contemporary food quality standards it has become crucial to invest in reliable food sorting solutions. TOMRA Food offers sorters for a multitude of applications, removing defects ...
  • The production of safe products are key to customer loyalty and satisfaction. And that’s exactly where you, together with TOMRA, can make the difference and increase your return while working on the c ...


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