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Sterilsystems GmbH

Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-D23
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  • Ultraviolet Curing Systems
STERILSYSTEMS is specialized in developing devices for UV-C-air disinfection, UV-C-water purification, UV-C-surface sterilisation, as well as neutralisation of room air. UV-C disinfection ensures perfect hygiene in production and operations, guaranteeing sustainable quality assurance. We offer an innovative, completely chemical-free, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly method for quality assurance. As pioneers in our field, our strength lies in acting quickly and decisively, addressing each of our customer's needs, and finding new solutions. We have the courage to move forward with our customers, constantly developing our company. Quality standards and hygiene requirements not only have to be met - they are the basis for the manufacturing process especially in the food production industry. Only this way expensive product recalls can be avoided, which not only cost money, but frequently also compromise the good reputation of the enterprise. To guarantee a long durability also is a requirement, that self-evidently our systems meet. They substantially contribute to the adherence of the HACCP, are free of chemistry and only require a minimum maintenance.


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  • The ozone generators can be used for single-dose disinfection and odor elimination in rooms with primarily dry environmental conditions where no personnel are present. OZ60 and OZ75
  • The immersion emitter system is designed to effectively sterilize water in air washers, cooling towers, fountains, tanks, humidification systems or ponds. These high-quality UV-C emitters expose the w ...
  • The pass-through disinfection system with high-performance technology (HPF) provides 360° disinfection, and can be integrated into an existing production line. The surface to be treated is sterilized ...
  • The FR system with HPF reflector is suitable for the disinfection of particularly heavy surface contamination.
  • The FB-HPF system provides reliable surface disinfection in the ongoing production process for conveyor and cutting belts, as well as for surfaces of all kinds and foils.
  • The ULE2000 was developed specifically for the disinfection of rooms in which personnel are present and in difficult ambient conditions, or for high levels of contamination. This high-quality UV-C air ...
  • UV-C-Disinfection STERILSYSTEMS