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Roboqbo S.r.l.

Hall: 5 Stand: B5-37
Roboqbo is on the market since more than 40 years and it is one of the leading companies worldwide in the production of food processing systems. Roboqbo manufactures Qbo, a versatile processing system capable to cook, cool down, concentrate, refine and vacuum-process any food product. This is a revolutionary concept: a single unit can replace traditional equipment such as kneading machines, cutters, mincers, pasteurizers, braising and sauces machines. The revolutionary technology and the wide range of models from a capacity of 8 to 860 liters, make Qbo the perfect system for a wide variety of customers, as it meets all production needs. Thanks to its extreme versatility, Qbo is ideal for sectors such as Pastry, Confectionery Industry, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Gastronomy, Catering, Food Processing, Ready Meals and Dairy. It is a technological tool now available in its 4th generation with a large full-colour 10.1” touchscreen display as well as an easy-to-use interface with advanced control functions of the production process and automatic cleaning. Roboqbo is an essential ally for those operating in the food industry, for all professionals and for anyone who is constantly looking for the highest quality without compromising on creativity, full efficiency and technological innovation.


Via Mazzini, 1


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