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PT Thea Universal Trade

Hall: Hall 8 Stand: G8-48
  • Additives
  • Spices, Herbs and Seasonings
Pt Thea Universal Trade is set up as for in Indonesia promoted by Agro & Spices Pte Ltd Singapore; we had started our operations in the city of Medan in North Sumatra Island of Indonesia for processing spices. After having a vast study of the country’s rich and pure natural resources and its climatic conditions which help in potentially growing any commodity in the world, we believe in maintaining consistency in our quality, Pricing and packaging and our most important commitment is customer satisfaction. Our focus will always remain at giving the best value to our customer and preserving relationship in the long run with all our clients and even developing strong relationship with the local Indonesian People and learning their culture and habitat for a stronger bonding with them.


2nd Floor unit 203 B
Imam Bonjol No.16 - D
Medan City
North Sumatra


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  • Black pepper is used as a spice in nearly all the world’s cuisines as a pungent, spicy, heating agent for food due to the presence of capsaicin and piperine. Teasings of citrus and wood also add to th ...
  • When archaeologist uncovered Ramses II, they found black peppercorns stuffed in his nostrils – this was part of the ritual mummification process. During the Age of Discovery, black pepper and the prof ...
  • The aroma is musky with hints of pine and chile pepper that’s gone a bit old. The flavor is rather reminiscent of black pepper, but becomes numbing and sharp afterwards. It’s highly recommended that y ...
  • The clove actually isn’t a stick or piece of wood, but actually a dried and unopened flower. These flowers are originally native to the Moluccas, a chain of volcanic islands near Indonesia. Few people ...
  • Nutmeg comes from an evergreen tree native to the Spice Islands near Indonesia, but has been cultivated throughout the tropics by both native cultures and foreign. Not only did native cultures find us ...
  • Mace is the sister spice of nutmeg. Nutmeg trees are the only plant to give us two spices. (As opposed to a plant like dill which gives us a spice and an herb.) Nutmegs are the actual seeds of the tre ...
  • Cassia is simply the bark of a laurel tree, a tropical evergreen. Nearly the same as cinnamon, it is sometimes called Chinese Cinnamon. The two spices can be used interchangeably. Cassia is a bit coar ...