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Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-G44
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Sari Mas Permai started in 1978 as a high quality coconut oil plant with only ten employees producing up to 5 tonnes of cooking oil per day. We experienced tremendous growth after our first factory was established in 1985. We added new machines and built more refining facilities which led to a breakthrough in producing coconut cooking oil in 2000. In 2015, we were consistently involved in the Social Responsibility program. Companies focused on giving back to communities and the environment. Now, thanks to your growing trust in us, we are able to expand our growth in global markets as well as in the community. Sari Mas Permai is the proud producer of a high quality coconut oil. We provide our customers with best-in-class products, focusing on the importance of our manufacturing and production process, ensuring that we always comply with the international standards and regulations. We are a competent team with highly qualified human resources, always learning, always striving to serve you better. We are committed to enhance the lives of our customers through high quality products and services at a fair price while at the same time providing reasonable and satisfactory returns to our shareholders. We devote ourselves to bring positive impact to everybody we come into contact with: our suppliers, employees, customers, the government, and last but not least the community. Our company has been using the most advanced and latest technology which focuses on producing various products that meets our rigorous standards as well as to find better ways to preserve the environment. We utilize only the highest quality raw materials and we continuously ensure that each of our products conforms to our high standards for quality and consistency.


Jalan. Waru Gunung No 23


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  • Crude Coconut Oil is made from copra which is finely-matured coconut and has dried meat. It must be further processed to be applicable for use in foods, soaps and in the oleochemical industry.
  • Copra pellets are machine-pressed and dried coconut meat or core. It is a byproduct of the extraction process from coconut oil. Why Choosing Copra Pellets from Sari Mas Permai ? Copra expeller pellets ...
  • Coconut Fatty Acid Distillate is the side product obtained during the refining process of crude coconut oil. It is a reddish brown liquid at room temperature and is mainly used in soap manufacturing i ...
  • RBD HCNO is RBD CNO that has gone through the Hydrogenation process. RBD HCNO is a solid white fat with a clear texture and liquid when applied to heat. RBD HCNO can be used as the main raw material i ...
  • RBD Coconut Oil is a clear white liquid and will turn semi-solid at room temperature. In order for Crude Coconut Oil to be suitable for consumption, it must be purified, bleached and deodorized (RBD). ...
  • Sari Mas Permai is a coconut oil producer in Indonesia. Our coconut oil factory has been around for 36 years. Coconut oil is mostly produced through a solvent extraction process. The coconut endosperm ...
  • Sari Mas Permai is the proud producer of a high quality coconut oil.Sari Mas Permai is the proud producer of a high quality coconut oil.
  • RBD CNO of Sari Mas Permai produced using modern food safety technology and was handled by professional human resources. The quality of RBD CNO of Sari Mas Permai was evaluated and monitored by QC/QA ...


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