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Founded in 1995 by experienced confectionery industry experts, Proform is known for our expertise in extrusion machinery and complete processing lines; our machinery is in production in over 40 countries. Proform designs and builds a wide range of high-performance and innovative process machinery for products such as chewing & bubble gum, licorice, fruit gum, toffee or soft candies as well as continuous mixers for biscuits, crackers, pasta…. Product Range: Continuous Mixing and Blending Extruders Featuring a modular process zone, applications include: - mixing of bubble gum or dough for crackers, pasta... - graining of neutral chewy mass, with in-line blending of color & flavor. Almost no cleaning between products & recipe changes are quick. Intruders Takes in soft candy directly from the cooker performing 4 functions: 1) Cooling 2) Crystallizing 3) Adding ingredients… 4) Splits the production into several ropes (up to 6), to the downstream forming lines. With no labor. Mixing & Cooking Extruders - continuously produce licorice / fruit gum, with or without sugar paste filling. Twists, laces, strips or squares; extruded in layers or in filled tubes. Extruders and Co-Extruders & Cooling - Tempering Tunnels Shaping single or multi color ropes, with or without fillings for: - Bubble Gum - Hard or Soft Candies Ball Forming Semi-liquid or powder-filled bubble gum can be shaped into a wide range of spherical shapes (pears, lentils etc) . Piece sizes range from 8 mm up to 50 mm diameter on the BF 1002. All Proform ball forming machines feature continuous production, resulting in higher production. Also for chewy candy, hard candy, plastic or feed type products. Rolling & Scoring or Sheeting Lines Ranging from 7’’ – 9’’ – 15’’ – 22’’ for the production of stick, dragées / pillow or tab gum. Also cooling/curing tunnels, stackers, breaking drums...


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  • Co-Extrusion of striped hard candy, filled or unfilled Proform HE series Extruder ensures the controlled production of hard candy. Built in a stainless steel execution it takes in hard boiled candy ma ...
  • Output of a Profom Intruder for soft candy 1 machine with 4 functions and no labor A Proform ME mixer can continuously mix fresh dough, some examples are crackers, biscuits, pasta…
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