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On both the Italian and international market since 1967, Pomati Group srl offers machines and accessories for chocolate processing. Our wide range of highly professional products allow us to meet customers’ needs in a variety of industry related niches: pastry shops, ice cream parlors, catering, bread making, as well as small- and medium-size confectionery factories. We blend the experience honed over time with modern technology in order to give life to ever so reliable, state-of-the art products of exceptional quality. Great attention to detail in the designing phase yields a series of innovative elements we proudly introduced into our entire range of tempering machines. well as easy cleaning operations. Direct-gas cooling yields exceptional chocolate fluidity, even for extended processing times. Heating of the food-grade diathermic oil tank evenly distributes and maintains heat on the chocolate, while also ensuring reduced energy consumption. In addition to offering technological advanced products, Pomati’s also provides pre- and post-sale consulting services, and professional development courses delivered by Pomati Open.


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  • One shot depositor Zero is a part of a range of machine, based on the production per hour. OSD Zero can produce 120 molds per hour, OSD Five can produce 220 molds per hour, OSD Ten can produce 360 mol ...
  • T5 is part of our complete range for tempering machines. Here's the others capacity: T8 9 Kg tank capacity T10 13 Kg tank capacity T20 24 Kg tank capacity T35 50 kg tank capacity
  • T8 is a part of our range for tempering machine with different capacity: T5 5 Kg tank capacity T8 9 kg tank capacity T10 13 kg tank capacity T20 24 kg tank capacity T35 50 kg tank capacity
  • Useful for partial coating, bottom coating or full coating.
  • T20 is a part of our range of tempering machine with different sizes: T05 5 Kg tank capacity T08 9 kg tank capacity T10 13 kg tank capacity T1
  • This line include the following equipment: Molds loader / heater One shot depositor Five (220 mold per hour) Vibrating table for One shot Vertical cooling tunnel 175
  • The tilting belt 180mm by Pomati, is suitable as accessory for the following tempering machine: T8 9 kg tank capacity T10 13 kg tank capacity T20 24 kg tank capacity T35 50 ka tank capacity
  • Machine manufactured entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel. Suitable for small- and medium-scale production, ideal for chocolate coatings for almonds, hazelnuts, coffee beans, puffed rice and various o ...
  • Welcome to our company, please take a look to our factory.
  • Here's the real productivity in terms of molds and pralines for our One shot depositor Zero.
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