Gulfood Manufacturing 2022

Pieri S.r.l.

Hall: 5 Stand: A5-38
  • Internal Transportation equipments
  • Packaging
  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Logistics
  • Processing & Packaging
Pieri is a well-known Italian company specialised in designing and manufacturing highly customised lines for wrapping and conveying palletised loads. PIERI represents one of the most renowned companies in the packaging market. Our focus is to design and to produce end-of-line solutions for palletized loads. Relationships of more than 40 years with our clients constitutes a contribution in terms of experience and quality that has allowed us to increase the know-how and passion for our work. PIERI’s turnkey solution is able to satisfy a wide range of different customers’ need and request. Additionally, PIERI provides integrated solutions for existing lines and complete solutions for new projects.


Via Ovada 65, Zona Industriale
Pievesestina di Cesena
Cesena FC



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  • EASY ROUND is a fully automatic turntable wrapping machine for stretch wrapping palletised loads. The pallet is wrapped as the turntable rotates, thanks to a system with a toothed thrust bearing and a ...
  • AVR 400 FLEXA is the ideal solution for high output applications. It is the top ring wrapping model by Pieri in the range, thanks to its outstanding features and unbeatable flexibility. Its many benef ...
  • SILVER AGILE / SILVER GO / SILVER FAST / SILVER TWIN is a range of fully automatic rotating arm machines for stretch wrapping palletised loads. The machine design can be personalised to meet customer ...
  • The SILVER GO CAD and SILVER FAST CAD is a fully automatic rotating arm wrapping machine for stretch wrapping palletised loads that is equipped with an automatic device to protect the four corners of ...
  • Pieri designs and builds wrapping lines; our ongoing research and development has enabled us to develop high-performance solutions which meet the needs of modern industrial systems. We also supply rel ...
  • Pieri installation in Australia. Pieri integrated solution includes: · RGV shuttle to feed the palletizer with empty pallet, · Empty pallet dispenser to feed the line with empty pallet, · Motorized co ...
  • Pieri stand-alone solution with our automatic ring wrapping machine. The integrated solution includes: Motorized chains conveyors, Arm wrapping machine mod. SILVER FAST with ecoMATRIX HS ECOMATRIX HS ...
  • Pieri stand-alone solution with our automatic ring wrapping machine. A stand-alone solution is a perfect solution for warehouse, logistic, shipping company, etc.. The automatic ring wrapping machine i ...
  • Pieri integrated solution with automatic arm wrapping machine with cardboard corner applicator mod. SILVER FAST CAD. The model SILVER FAST CAD is the automatic arm-wrapping machine for palletized load ...
  • Pieri integrated solution with automatic arm wrapping machine mod. SILVER GO and inline top sheet applicator mod. STF 203. The in-line top sheet applicator STF203, located before the wrapping machine, ...
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