Gulfood Manufacturing 2022

PhytonIQ GmbH

Hall: Shk Saeed 1 Stand: S-A94
  • Fruits
  • Herbs
  • Vegetables
  • Automation Systems
  • Technology - Supply Chain Management, Management Execution Systems
  • Ingredients
mOrganIQ Plant Box local everywhere PhytonIQ mOrganIQ is a company offering franchise systems for mini-indoorfarms. The vision is to provide local vegtables and greens for B2B customers within a radius of up to 100 km. Fresh all year around. The Plant Box consists out of four containers, equipped with highly advandeced technology to ensure premium quality products. Our goal is it to redefine the term local. The food you buy, consume and enjoy, should grow and flourish in your area, instead of being transported all over the globe. That`s not only 100 percent trackable for the customer, indoorfarming makes it also sustainable and eco-friendly. Revolutionize your local food supply with mOrganIQ. Think outside and grow inside the box! mOrganIQ is a Franchise system for indoor farming containers including three cultivation moduls and one processing module. The Hydroponic Technology is developed by PhytonIQ, a company based in Oberwart AUSTRIA, witch also functions as the mOrganIQ HQ. Plants growing inside the Plant Box are Babyleaves, Lettuce, Herbs, Mini-Vegtables, Fruit.


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