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Hall: 6 Stand: A6-38
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P.E. LABELLERS S.P.A. Founded in 1974 in Mantua (Italy), P.E. Labellers is a global leader in the design and manufacture of entirely modular and ergonomic automatic labeling machines. The key feature is represented by the absolute flexibility in combining all the different existing labeling technologies: pre-cut with hot glue, hot glue, cold glue, adhesive technology, even reciprocally combined. The labeling machines are offered both stand-alone and through independent and interchangeable labeling stations available on carts or fixed modules. The concept of modularity is extended to every component of the machines, designed in ergonomic structures and strongly oriented towards energy saving. The company's lean production is inspired by the concept of total flexibility: with this Design Innovation approach, P.E. Labellers produces 450 machines each year, both rotary and linear, for the beverage, wine&spirits, food&dairy, but also personal&home care, pharma, chemical and pet food sectors. Today, 10,000 P.E. machines are installed worldwide and widely managed remotely thanks to continuous support and maintenance services. P.E. Labellers features a global dimension: 8 production sites distributed amidst Italy, US, Brazil and 500 employees all over the world. The company has its own Headquarters in P.to Mantovano (MN), with a double factory that is a benchmark of domotics, design and technological innovation. P.E. Labellers is part of ProMach group, a world leader in Packaging. The latest Innovation by P.E. Labellers is Simpl-Cut™, a “Cutting Edge” Roll-fed Solution that revolutionizes Labeling Market. Simpl-Cut™ uses a “cutting edge” process to solve all the Roll-fed machines' problems. Simpl-Cut™ has just triumphed at the 2021 Technology Excellence Awards, winning the first prize as the most innovative solution in General Packaging.


Via Industria 56
Porto Mantovano / Mantova



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  • Simpl-Cut™ is the cutting-edge next-generation of Roll-fed labeling technology. It introduces an innovative cut and glue system that revolutionizes the traditional operating principle.
  • From assembly to shipment. 2 months in 2 minutes. Complete production and assembly of a Modular SL: the effectiveness of P.E. LABELLERS lean processes.
  • Modular labeling machine with pressure sensitive technology and cold glue that applies front and back labels, neck labels and tamper evident seals in the Wine sector.
  • Nutriamo's experience with the Futura SL machine for packaging impeccably the products for four-legged friends.
  • The new cutting and glue application technology overturns the traditional operating principle of Roll-fed labellers.
  • P.E. Labellers officially presents the new MODULAR CM labeling solution: a fully ergonomic and modular rotary labeling machine with a layout that can be reconfigured quickly and easily. Modular CM is ...
  • Pack Expo attendees had the opportunity to see firsthand Simpl-Cut's key design features that set it apart from traditional roll-fed labelers: its multi-function drum for label cutting and transfer an ...
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