Gulfood Manufacturing 2022

Modern Green World and Uzermak

Hall: 3 Stand: E3-32
  • Processing & Packaging
  • Complete Turnkey Processing Plant or Lines
  • Confectionery Processing Machines
  • Convenience, Frozen, Snack food
  • Cook Cool Systems
  • Cooling
  • Cutting
  • Dairy Processing Machines
  • Heating
  • Emulsifying
  • Kneading
  • Pumps Pumping
Uzermak has been manufacturing machinery and equipment for dairy and food industry for 23 years in Turkey. We have exported to more than 35 countries so far. Our machines are produced in accordance with ISO 900, OHSAS 18001 and CE standards. Uzermak specializes in manufacturing food processing machines as well as installation and mounting in turn-key projects with after sales services to the leading food processing companies all over the world. The company is one of the most preferred manufacturers that supplies customized machinery with high quality and high performance. Uzermak machines are useable for different fields food industry. We manufacture cheese processing machines and full production lines for different kinds of cheeses such as, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Gouda, Pasta Filata, Lactic, Halloumi, Analog, Imitation, Ricotta, Cream and UHT processed cheeses. On the other hand, UZERMAK Multifunctional Industrial Mixers (Cooker, Cooler, Mixer) are configurable for many different applications, some examples are processed cheese, dressings, sauces, baby food, confectionery fillings, almond paste, mayonnaise and ketchup and be able to handle with different tasks such as mixing, heating, cooling, grinding, emulsifying, size reduction, direct or indirect cooking under vacuum, de-aerating, vacuum and homogenizing.





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  • Uzermak Company has been founded 22 years ago, in İzmir, Turkey. Is one of the leaders in manufacturing of food processing machinery and equipment. While a part of the equipments and machines in the c ...
  • Main Features • Filling of raw materials via opening of lid or via dosing valves. • Frequency controlled main motor for knives at the bottom (300-3000 rpm). • Motor and gear for scrapper arm. • Specia ...
  • Main Features Frequency controlled main motor: 2 knives with 300-3000 rpm Motor and gear for scrapper arm Direct steam injection Double jacket (heating/ cooling) Water cooled mechanical seal Vacuum pu ...
  • AISI304-316 quality stainless steel. Capacity; (min-max) 300 - 6000 l/batch • UHT-UZ system consist of: - 1x Buffer Tank - 2x UHT head - 2 x Holder with Teflon – Inliner - 1 x Flash Cooling Tank with ...
  • • Steam Cooker & Stretcher machines can be used for cooking, kneading, stretching, mixing and melting of natural, analogue and imitation cheeses. • Made of AISI304 (316 optional) stainless steel mater ...
  • UZERMAK Cooker& Cooler& Mixers are able to handle with different tasks such as mixing, heating, cooling, grinding, emulsifying, size reduction, direct or indirect cooking under vacuum, de-aerating (va ...
  • With UHT treatment you can produce long-lasting product under non-refrigerated conditions. The Uzermak UHT system extends the shelf life of processed cheese, cream cheese, spreadable cheese, imitation ...
  • Whatever product you like to produce, there ever we will support...
  • Our Uzermak CCM & CS series machines offer a large scale of dairy solutions suitable for many different processes: from natural cheeses to analogue cheeses. With the same CCM-90, both Stretchy analogu ...
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