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Krishna Industries

Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-K11
  • Additives
  • Colorants/Colouring Products
SAFCOL is a brand of Krishna Industries, producers of high purity Synthetic Food Colors for variety of applications from food, confectionery, beverage, flavor syrups, processed fish , meat, dipping sauce, chili sauce, ketchup, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, livestock feed, inks and home-personal care products. Offering best quality and price for : Allura Red 16035 E-129 Red-17 CAS# 25956-17-6 Amaranth Red 16185 E-123 Red-9 CAS# 915-67-3 Brilliant Blue FCF 42090 E-133 Blue-2 CAS# 3844-45-9 Brown HT 20285 E-155 Brown-3 CAS# 4553-89-3 Carmoisine 14720 E-122 Red-3 CAS# 53026-69-9 Ponceau 4R 16255 E-124 Red-7 CAS# 2611-82-7 Ponceau SX 14700 E-125 Red-1 CAS# 4548-53-2 Quinoline Yellow 47005 E-104 Yellow-13 CAS# 8004-92-0 Sunset Yellow 15985 E-110 Yellow-3 CAS# 2783-94-0 Tartrazine Yellow 19140 E-102 Yellow-4 1934-21-0 SAFCOL LEMON YELLOW SAFCOL ORANGE RED SAFCOL LIME GREEN SAFCOL APPLE GREEN SAFCOL PEA GREEN (MINT GREEN) SAFCOL CHOCOLATE BROWN SAFCOL KESARI SAFCOL GRAPE PURPLE / VIOLET SAFCOL BLACK S SAFCOL CARAMEL BROWN SAFCOL STRAWBERRY RED SAFCOL RASPBERRY RED SAFCOL BRIGHT GREEN SAFCOL EGG YELLOW SAFCOL BRIGHT PINK SAFCOL BRIGHT BLUE SAFCOL TOMATO RED SAFCOL CAMEL BROWN SAFCOL SWEET YELLOW SAFCOL SEA BLUE - Safcol operates a large food network with advanced technologies and robust global supply chain. - Specialized solutions for food and beverages, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agriculture, cosmetic, home-personal care, inks, and high performance industrial products. - Specialty grades are tailor made to fit exacting customer. - Offering customized packaging from 5kgs to 500kgs.


Plot No L-30-46-1&2, Phase III
G.I.D.C. Industrial Zone, Naroda


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  • SAFCOL high purity lake colors for oil/fat soluble applications.
  • SAFCOL high purity bright Water soluble Colors.


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