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Just Rollers Ltd

Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-101
Just Rollers is the largest rubber and polyurethane industrial roller manufacturer in the UK, with a dedicated rubber compound mixing facility, extensive Laboratory and development capability, and a large engineering department. Exporting to over 55 countries, the company has a long held reputation for innovation and technical excellence within the global roller industry. Originally founded in 1970, the current 2 Directors/Owners have 20 plus years experience in the various aspects of the business. Specialising in rollers for the flexible packaging industry, substrates such as paper, foil, and plastics, require innovative approaches. We have been able to produce a vast range of unique rubber and polyurethane coverings to successfully overcome many of these application challenges. A key area is Aseptic packaging nip rollers which are running at higher speeds, higher temperatures and higher pressures than ever before. The process is totally dependent on the performance of the nip rollers to produce a high quality product free of imperfections that could be detrimental to the contents and appearance of the package Aseptic packaging requirements of this market are extremely stringent, needing to be able to keep the packaged contents clean, safe and fresh for up to 1 year. With continuing pressure to improve performance and productivity, our work with the market leaders in the industry has driven us to develop compounds that are running in some of the fastest lamination production lines in the world. Just Rollers currently work with the market leaders in aseptic packaging technology to develop advanced coverings that reduce the number of roller changes required, increase productivity and provide long term economics of use. Complementing Just Rollers, Just Polymer Compounds ™ renowned for our world class rubber roller formulations offer unrivaled value and innovation to the market.


Somerset Ind Estate
United Kingdom


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