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"Bread Scoring Smat System" In iscore we offer the most advanced and flexible dough scoring system range on the market. Our technological base and the strong alliances carried out with consolidated companies in the sector allow us to put at the service of our clients, the most advanced scoring systems on the market that simulate and even improve the skills of a master baker. Main Features THE SCORE IS ADAPTED TO EACH DOUGH PIECE Thanks to the integrated vision system, the exact position of the loaf on the board is detected and he score is adapted to each loaf individually. Regardless of its position on the board. PRECISION AND SPEED Bread Scoring Smart System cuts the dough with the precision and speed of expert hands. For this, it ses rotating blades handled by the robot, which allow numerous adjustments such as: cutting pening, depth and inclination of the blade. EXCELLENT RESULTS IN ALL TYPES OF DOUGH The blade manages to drag a thin layer of dough that covers the open cells of the loaf avoiding egassing. This is the reason why an optimum scored is obtained even in dough with a high water content. ALL IN ONE BREAD SCORING SYSTEM Three technologies to score the dough on the same machine. Just by changing the tool, the machine will cut with a rotary blade tool, or with a water-jet tool or with an ultrasonic blade.


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