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HDR Gida San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-183
  • Additives
  • Syrups
  • Bakery Ingredients/Fillings/Mixes
  • Chocolate/Cocoa
  • Emulsifiers
  • Leavening Agents
  • Pastes
- We produce most of the raw materials for pastry, confectionery, bakery, chocolate, and ice cream sectors. - We export to more than 40 countries worldwide. - ISO 9001 certified. - ISO 22000 certified. - Halal certified.


Adnan Kahveci Mah.
Celik Sok. No:8-1 Beylikduzu


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  • Red Velvet Cake Mix 3kg and 10kg package
  • Meister Filling Cream Bake-Stable and Freeze-Stable. Chocolate, Caramel, Orange, Apple & Cinnamon, Sour Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Vanilla, and Raspberry.
  • Meister Waffle, Crepe, and Pancake Sauce It comes in different flavors. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, pistachio, caramel, raspberry, strawberry, coconut, and banana.
  • Meister Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Spread It comes with different concentrations of hazelnut from 30% (eco) to 20%. Three main sizes of plastic pails: 1kg 5kg 10kg Other packages are available too 10k ...
  • Meister baking powder can be used for most of the pastry products such as cake, sponge cake, and cookies. It comes in 2kg plastic pails and 10kg kraft bags.
  • Meister cake and ice cream toppings. 1kg. Chocolate. Caramel. Banana. Blueberry. Strawberry. Vanilla. Honey. Kiwi. Raspberry. Sour Cherry. Pistachio. .
  • Meister cream pastry powder is vanilla flavored and is used for decorating and flavoring cake, tarts, and all other related desserts.
  • Meister cold glaze comes in 14 different flavors. 1kg 7kg
  • Meister sugar paste - fondant - comes in 20 different colors and 5 different packages. 250g 500g 1kg 2.5kg 5kg
  • Meister flower sugar paste (gum paste) comes in 250g and 500g packages.
  • MEISTER couverture Chocolate - compounds are used in pastry products for taste and decoration purposes
  • Top quality whipping cream powder High-fat content Volume up to 8-9 liters per 1kg of powder.
  • Meister Whipping Cream and Cold Glaze
  • Meister Velvet Cake Mix. It comes in 5 different colors. 3kg sachet. Red Velvet. Orange Velvet. Green Velvet. Purple Velvet. Black Velvet.
  • Meister Glamour Cold Glaze. It comes in 4 different flavors, all 1kg, and 7kg packages. Gold. Silver. Strawberry. Caramel.
  • Meister sugar paste slide show.
  • Dark chocolate compound blocks Milk chocolate compound blocks White chocolate compound blocks 2.5kg
  • Sugar Paste - Fondant 20 different colors 250g 500g 1kg 2.5kg 5kg
  • Bake-Stable and Freeze-Stable Chocolate Caramel Strawberry Raspberries Vanilla Orange Lemon Apple & Cinnamon
  • Super stable whipping cream powder. 1kg of powder may give up to 9 liters of cream.
  • Meister's Chocolate Products Blocks. Buttons. Pieces. Drops. Powder.
  • wide-ranging products to patisseries, hotels, and restaurants with its widespread distribution channel to more than 34 countries. Meister Pastry Products - which operates from its 5000m2 closed area f ...
  • We attended the Iba Münich 2018 Fair held in Munich on 15-20 September 2018.
  • We attended Bakery China 2019 Fair held in Shanghai on May 6-9, 2019.
  • We attended Gulfood 2019 Fair held in Dubai on 3-5 November 2019.
  • We attended Aahar 2019 Fair held in New Delhi on 12-16 March 2019
  • We attended the 27th International Food and Beverage Fair held in Antalya on 15-18 January 2020.
  • Meister proudly exports to more than 40 counties worldwide, including 11 African ones.
  • Our Team 100 employees in Turkey, in addition to tens of customers, agents, and representatives all over the world.
  • Our Factory


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