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Enzyme Development Corporation

Hall: Shk Saeed 1 Stand: S1-C31
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EDC has been providing a wide range of enzymes for the food, nutraceutical, and animal feed industries for over 65 years. Based out of New York City, with Production in Scranton, PA, we sell and ship our enzymes globally. Nearly all of our enzymes are non-GMO, Halal Certified, Kosher Certified as well as a Kosher for Passover certified option. EDC is the only Papain producer in the western hemisphere and offers OMRI-certified papain for organic applications. Other products we produce include Ficin from the fig tree and a true vegetarian rennet from the flower of the Thistle, Cynara cardunculus. For more information about our enzymes, please visit us at www.EnzymeDevelopment.com, www.Papain.com, and www.ThistleRennet.com. Please stop by our booth to talk about how enzymes can create new opportunities for your business or email us at info@EnzymeDevelopment.com.


505 Eigth Ave
15th Floor
New York, NY
New York
United States



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  • A naturally occurring aspartic acid protease used for milk clotting. The enzyme is from a plant origin, obtained by extraction and partial purification of proteases from Cynara cardunculus (thistle or ...
  • ENZECO® FICIN 100 Ficin, a non-GMO protease from the latex of Ficus species (tropical fig tree), is approved for use in food and perfect for clean label products. Ficin functions similarly to other pl ...
  • A papain that is processed without the use of sulfites. The papaya latex has been processed without the addition of sodium metabisulfite. This results in a papain with substantially reduced levels of ...
  • Enzyme Development Corporation is releasing a new food-grade biocatalyst, a botanical protease, ENZECO® FICIN 100. For more info, please contact: info@EnzymeDevelopment.com
  • Enzyme Development Corporation is pleased to announce that we have a new aspartic acid protease, Thistlezyme®. For more information, please email Info@enzymedevelopment.com or visit www.thistlerennet. ...
  • Enzyme Development Corporation releases a new enzyme for flavor modification consisting of a high level of Lucine Aminopeptidase for debittering of hydrolyzed proteins.
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