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Andreotti Impianti S.p.A.

Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S3-B52
  • General Processing Technology
  • Complete Turnkey Processing Plant or Lines
  • Crushing
  • Crystallisation Equipment
  • Process Vessels
  • Condenser
  • Cooling and Heating
  • Decanters
  • Distillation Plants
  • Extraction Plants
  • Filtration Systems
  • Grinding
  • Heat exchangers
ANDREOTTI IMPIANTI SpA is the Italian first class engineering company, globally recognized as one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of plants for oilseeds crushing and solvent extraction, edible oils and fats refining, glycerine distillation, oleochemicals (fatty acids, biofuels) and special plants. Worldwide successful since 1955. A totally private family Company with a strong and consolidated position among the major international players, that drives its everyday activity starting from the deep passion in industrial plants design as well as from the long dated experience with more than 1000 succesful project realizations. Each single industrial unit is totally internally designed in all its true intimate aspects, from the technological concept to the very final automated completion on site. Each plant is 100% tailor made. Designed in ITALY: greatest attention is being dedicated to the continuous updating of new technologies and production processes.The result: a complete package of advanced in-house engineering services. Our knowledge at your service. Manufactured in ITALY: ANDREOTTI IMPIANTI SpA manufactures the core equipment in highly qualified workshops around Florence - Tuscany, Italy - for assuring an unexceeded construction quality control. Our quality, your success. Main technological divisions: 1) Oilseed preparation plants 2) Solvent extraction plants 3) Edible oil & animal fats refining plants 4) Glycerin distillation plants 5) Oleochemical plants 6) Special plants For each technological division, the flexibility and the total clientoriented commitment allow us to say that there is no specific range of production, but each designed plant is a unique realization. In fact, thanks to a very special tailored approach, ANDREOTTI IMPIANTI SpA has a technological portfolio suitable to cover all the main industrial applications of the oilseeds and edible oils industry.


Via Di Le Prata, 148


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