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  • General Processing Technology
  • Mixers (With and Without vessels)
  • Bakery Equipment & Supplies
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Baking Ovens
  • Dough Dividers And Moulders
  • Pizza Production Lines
  • Packaging
  • Case Loading Machines
  • Pick and Place Machines
  • Denesting Machines
  • Palletisers, Depalletisers
Bakeries around the world partner with AMF Bakery Systems for best-in-class unit equipment and complete system solutions that drive enduring success. We’re a team of the world’s leading bakers and engineers, pioneers and problem-solvers, and industry leading brands, all committed to one common goal: creating the best-in-class unit equipment and complete system solutions that grow with your bakery. Whether for the traditional baker scaling up operations or the leading global baker seeking sustainability and efficiency opportunities, AMF measures our success by the success of those we serve. Our teams are already in your region, rapidly responding to your needs with unparalleled service and support across a unified family of brands. Within the family, AMF Fusion simplifies the mixing process with sanitary batch mixers and fully integrated dough handling systems. AMF Flex and AMF Tromp offer the industry’s leading make-up solutions for bread and rolls, pizza, flatbreads, cakes, pies, pastries, croissants and more. Three baking system brands, AMF BakeTech, AMF Den Boer, and AMF Vesta ensure bakeries receive the most optimal, sustainable proofing, baking, cooling, and freezing solutions according to their products’ parameters. AMF Convay moves products seamlessly from mixer to marketplace with a complete line of pan, product, and basket conveyors. High performance packaging solutions are delivered under the AMF PackTech brand. And through continuous innovation, AMF Workhorse drives customer growth by providing customized pan handling and post-packaging solutions to improve line efficiencies while eliminating downtime. Delivering value to the baking industry with simplified production solutions for today’s emerging consumer markets, AMF APEX features value-oriented models and systems across our range of technologies. With global reach and local presence, AMF is the only truly global partner delivering complete system solutions that empower bakeries to rise. AMF Bakery Systems is a proud member of the Markel Food Group.


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  • AMF's sanitary, Open Frame Mixer offers an easy access, tubular offset frame for mixing doughs with sanitation in mind from 800 lbs up to 3,200 lbs. Engineered with easy access, round tubular framing, ...
  • The ADD-S Flex Bread Make-up System delivers the most advanced, automated flexibility you need to handle a wide range of doughs. User-friendly, recipe-driven Servo technology offers adjustable, precis ...
  • Offering high-speed, stress-free production of consistently moulded products for premium baguettes, petite pan, ciabatta, tin bread, and more. The SFA Sheeting Line by AMF Tromp produces artisan style ...
  • AMF's universal bread and bun make-up system offers ultimate flexibility for low and medium capacity production lines. Ideal for bakeries growing to semi-automation with operators still involved in th ...
  • NTELLIGENT AUTOMATION FOR PIZZA TOPPING PROCESSES ?? AMF Tromp’s SMART Applicator Solution ensures more confident and precise bakery production with unmatched control over your topping process.
  • ?????????? ???????????????????? ?????????? handle thousands of kilo’s of dough per hour, to deliver the best and finest looking bread. Like as if the Artisan baker made them by hand, that is why we ca ...
  • The Sustainable Oven Service is a new AMF feature for production, belt, and continuous ovens, that helps bakers and operators improve efficiency and quality, and reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions ...
  • AMF Flex means accurate scaling, simple changeover and maximum flexibility offering the industry's leading extrusion and volumetric dividing, rounding, and make-up systems for soft bread, buns, rolls, ...
  • AMF Bakery Systems offers fully-automated high-speed bun and roll production solutions up to 96,000 buns or rolls per hour. With seamless integration and the most sanitary bakery solutions from mixer ...
  • AMF Bakery Systems offers fully-automated high-speed bread production solutions from 600 up to 13,500 loaves per hour with seamless integration and the most sanitary bakery solutions from mixer to mar ...
  • Bakeries around the world partner with AMF Bakery Systems for best-in-class unit equipment and complete system solutions, from mixer to marketplace.
  • AMF believes that caring for our people, the planet, and driving equitable prosperity is crucial to our mission of "Better Food. Better Lives." While we continuously improve our processes and our prod ...
  • Together, AMF PackTech and AMF Workhorse brands deliver seamlessly integrated automation solutions for pan and peel board handling, packaging, post-packaging as well as automated storage and retrieval ...
  • Together, AMF BakeTech, AMF Den Boer, and AMF Vesta deliver the most optimal proofing, baking, cooling, and freezing technologies for a wide range of baked goods offering zero-emission baking solution ...
  • Baking requires precision, patience, and care to get it right. The same goes for bakery equipment and bakery automation. For years, AMF Bakery Systems has brought that same level of attention and deta ...
  • Accelerating a new era of opportunity for the baking industry through digitalization and automation, AMF’s Bakery Intelligence suite of solutions is fully data-driven and engineered to reduce labor, e ...