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  • “Our mission is to spread the word in the whole Middle East, that the future for our world and generations to come, it is with recycling.” Asad Aziz Babar, Managing Director of Mil-tek Middle East
  • Packaging's creative stumbling blocks are resolved through research and development. Today we are going to discuss the R&D process to make it more comprehensible for all scales of organizations.
  • How we design the best flavours using key building blocks of e.g. an apple
  • Marshmallow candy production machine, the marshmallow shape can be customized. like 4 color twisted marshmallows, marshmallow bits, heart shapes marshmallows, etc.
  • how to make orange slice gummy by gummy depositor machines
  • The processing line consists of a mixer, extruder, forming machine, cooling tunnel, and sugar coating machine, it is an ideal solution for the requirements to produce bubble gum in various kinds of sh ...
  • How we work

    Tanis saves manufacturers time, effort and worry figuring out how to get there, by being your one-stop-shop. All the way from compatible production line design to installation and operator training. W ...
  • The Himalayan Pink Salt, an edible product that contains over 84 trace minerals and elements vital to human health. Known for giving a healthy and naturally controlled supply of necessary minerals and ...
  • Discover the Extraordinary HubSalt Famous Salt Room - Crafted Entirely from Pink Salt! Get its exclusive glimpse into Pakistan's First Food & Agriculture Expo 2023, as covered by ARY News. In this cap ...
  • HubSalt a salt manufacturing company established in 1986, known for providing premium salt quality of different grades produced and processed in the most advance and latest methods. Recently at NHK wo ...
  • The Himalayan Pink Salt is an edible product that contains over 84 trace minerals and elements vital to human health. The Pink Salt can be used to stimulate circulation, relax the body, soothe sore mu ...
  • Himalayan Pink Salt is an edible product that contains over 84 trace minerals and elements vital to human health. The pink colour of the salt represents its high iron content in its natural form and a ...
  • HubSalt prides itself in its extremely clean salt, free from all impurities, and this is accomplished by our sophisticated dissolving & evaporating process. No impurities mean no worries for you and y ...
  • Hug Tower

    09 Aug 2023 MPM SRL
    Column protection like never before. Our Hug tower can help you protect all columns and pilasters with low operational space wasted.
  • Hx Cartro Carton Coding

    07 Sep 2023 MapleJet
    Hx Cartro case coder is a robust light-weight secondary packaging printer that provides efficient, high-quality & zero maintenance printing onto corrugated carton boxes.
  • Hx Nitro Multihead Printing

    07 Sep 2023 MapleJet
    Hx Nitro Industrial Printer, printing with multiheads. This printer is a Thermal Inkjet Printer manufactured by Maplejet Limited in Canada. Hx Nitro is perfect for coding and marking onto primary and ...
  • Hx Ultro bulk ink delivery system is designed to lower operational costs, particularly for high-volume print applications. In addition, the bulk ink supply (US Patent Pending), which comes in differen ...
  • Ice filling sealing packing machine #冰塊整線#Complete ice line #santung#三統
  • The ICEBREAKER 165 ALF is an automatic rewinding machine that transforms rolls of aluminum foil and baking paper for household use. It stands as the optimal solution for manufacturers in search of cut ...
  • ICONIC coating machine

    01 Jun 2023 Dumoulin
    New Dumoulin model capacity 2 tons per batch Chocolate coating and varnishing OR sugar coating and waxing
  • IDEA:

    25 Jul 2023 IFTEKHAR AHMED & CO,

    10 Nov 2022 IFTEKHAR AHMED & CO,
    IAC Gulfood Manufacturing Dubai 2022 Fruit Nation LUSH
  • Discover more about our Intermodal Logistics
  • Cutting-edge packaging technology focused on sustainability
  • Image Film about corvaglia group
  • Image Film Märtens Transportbänder GmbH

    29 Sep 2023 Märtens Transportbänder GmbH
    Technical innovations, intelligent solutions, precision manufacturing, and 90 years of experience: MÄRTENS stands for top-quality metal and synthetic conveyor belts, primarily for the food industry an ...
  • Technological innovation and precision, a mix of magnificent creations. Imeta designs and manufactures seaming chucks and seaming rolls, set of change parts, spare parts and upgrades for can seaming m ...
  • The single screw cover feeder called AP0158.4 has initially been designed to be installed on Angelus 60L, and then adapted to many other machines. The feeding screw is inclined and parallel to the sta ...
  • Imeta GEAR DRIVEN LOWER LIFTERS The gear driven lower lifter conversion kit developed by Imeta led to the following benefits: -increase in production speed -improved seaming compactness and quality -r ...
  • Imeta offers a wide range of seaming roll assemblies for many seamer models. Rolls are provided already set and lubricated, ready to be mounted, allowing to significantly shortened machine shutdown ti ...
  • The IMS TECHNOLOGIES Group came out of the synergy of joining specialized, diversified companies, making us an international standard-setter in the engineering and manufacturing of high-tech customize ...
  • IMS-6 Industrial Meat Shredder

    Michael Glaser-Thielemann
    IMS-6 Industrial Meat Shredder for pulled meat
  • The drawbacks of conventional defrosting methods can be avoided thanks to the ability of radio frequency (RF) to rapidly generate heat volumetrically within the product (meat, fish, seafood, vegetable ...
  • Cake producers today are increasingly challenged by their customers to deliver high-quality cakes at low cost and often with a demand for consumer-friendly, easily understood labeling. The Palsgaard® ...
  • Shick Esteve is the leader in ingredient automation and process controls.
  • Miranda Automation Ingredient handling systems
  • Instant Dry Yeast is the common name for the strains of yeast generally used as a leavening agent for flour in the production of bread, steamed buns and biscuits, which causes the bread to swell(expan ...
  • Institut Léon Lesaffre

    30 Oct 2023 Lesaffre
    Thanks to the Institut Leon Lesaffre, we never finish learning! By sharing our expertise with passion, we emphasize the importance of the quality of human relations so that our employees can #grow tog ...
  • Internal Pasta Storage Silo

    Pro-Tech Italia
    Our storage silos are made with one-piece paneling in multilayer wood covered in thick laminate, certified for contact with food. The peculiarity of the one-piece panels is the total absence of metal ...
  • Intervac INV 500

    19 Oct 2023 Intervac Vakuumtechnik
    Intervac INV 500
  • Intro to SAM-400

    26 Sep 2023
    Intro to SAM-400
  • Story, mission, vision. Our way to do things, our way of life. We are Ricciarelli. Visit our website and contact us: We are present all over the world.
  • Check out Fernando Costa, Tekon's Sales & Business Development, talking about our newest product, the Universal Gateway.
  • Introduction about Al Maida

    Al Maida Food Industries
    Al Maida Food Industries a member of Al Baraa Group of Companies, established in February 2015. The factory is situated at Umm Al Thoob 7, Blk 18 Lot #5 New Industrial Area, Umm Al Quwain, United Arab ...
  • Products and Service offering
  • Mil-tek is a leading supplier of Recycling & Waste Solutions for compacting various waste types. We help companies minimize their waste of time, space and money wasted on waste.
  • ipack

    15 Dec 2022 ipack
  • IPACK-IMA is much more than a show. It's a platform, a meeting and exchanging place for thousands of professionals from all over the world. It is a source of inspiration, an opportunity to expand the ...
  • The OctoFrost IQF Processing Line is an innovative food processing technology that offers processors the advantage of having the most efficient equipment and a single supplier for the whole line. Accu ...
  • Ishida's solutions for automating the fixed weight packing of fresh food in trays, the packing of trays in Eurocrates and the palletising of Eurocrates and cases.
  • Ishida INSPIRA bagmaker features

    01 Aug 2023 Torsten Giese
    Ishida INSPIRA iTPS bagmaker features, highlighting former roller adjustment, rotary jaws, crumb rollers, stripper plates, date coder and metal detection test
  • Ishida Twin INSPIRA Bagmakers

    01 Aug 2023 Torsten Giese
    Ishida Twin INSPIRA Bagmakers highlighting key features such as metal detection, auto former roller adjustment, rotary jaws, crumb rollers, stripper plates, easy access, date coder
  • Ishida solution to automate the X-ray inspection, fixed weight tray packing and checkweighing of fresh chicken breast
  • Ishida's Virtual Exhibition

    01 Aug 2023 Torsten Giese
    Explore the latest in food packaging automation, from the comfort of your own home.
  • Ismail Suttar interview at Pakistan Chemical Expo 2022 By Lahore City News
  • Complete automatic lines for baked products both savoury and sweet.
  • ITECA S.p.A. was founded in 1994 by two entrepreneurs, after a long apprenticeship in the sector of great automatic and semi-automatic plants, actively operating in design and installation all over th ...
  • ITECA designs and manufactures industrial customizable ovens for any type of product, leavened or not. Belt ovens with adjustable cooking for high productivity, cooking uniformity and quality. Adaptab ...

  • JAR Flavour House Company presentation
  • JEROS delivers industrial utensil / ware washers for cleaning highly complex process equipment.


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