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Vibroser ® | Stainless Transition Joint Profiles Installation

Vibroser Seramik Hall: 2 Stand: F2-30
In which areas is the stainless profile used? The stainless profile is among the most preferred products in many sectors today. Corrosion and the resistance to heavy transport in the areas used is the preferred reason in many sectors. Automotive and construction sectors are among the sectors where profiles are used the most. It is also preferred in the fields of shipping and heavy industry. In addition to its stainless properties, it is also resistant to chemicals. Therefore, it is preferred in many areas, such as the chemical and leather sectors and the textile sector, where chemicals are used. Many businesses operating in the food sector such as meat and milk production plants, patisserie, café, bakery, beverage industry, dining hall, food production factories are also preferred in stainless dilatation, siphon frame, and transition profiles in different materials. The healthcare sector is also the area where these profiles are used. Its resistance to corrosion, easy-to-clean properties, and hygienic structure is preferable in areas such as hospitals, laboratories, and drug stores. It can also be preferred in shopping malls and grocery stores. Rust-resistant profiles offer effective solutions in areas requiring high hygiene processes. What are the features of stainless profiles? Stainless profiles produced in different ways, such as polygons, squares, or rectangles, are used in many areas. This product has its own place in different sectors with its usage characteristics; Profiles are straightforward to assemble. You can easily assemble and start using it in the area where it will be used yourself. It is a product with an aesthetic posture. It adapts to ambient integrity in the area used and looks pleasant as a stylish detail. The product is corrosion resistant. It has resisted rusting for many years. It is resistant to heavy loads in heavy-load facilities and heavy transport such as forklifts. It resists heavy loads passing over it. It maintains its brightness for many years. After cleaning the product, it restores its brightness. Cleanliness is extremely practical. It can remain hygienic at all times thanks to its easy cleaning. Profiles can be produced as standard or project-based. In other news, you can request production according to the needs of your plant. You can also use frames in different ways, such as hexagons. They are also suitable for use in external areas. Profiles can be used as protective areas both indoors and outdoors. The drainage system can be produced as a siphon, duct, and protective frame. Project-based and standard products can be made for all usage purposes. Stainless profile; kitchen, bathroom, production area. It minimizes the formation of bacteria in the area in which it is used and is resistant to external factors.