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VT Corp Pvt Ltd Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-E24
The VT CORP Electronic Packer Model "VTC-GFPN" is a gravity feed packer specifically for granular products. The GFPN is a stationary open-mouth bag filling machine that weighs bulk material from 20 to 50 kg at the same time. The bulk material is passed through the double weigh into a bag with coarse and fine and super fine flow control. The net weigher has a high discharge rate with very high accuracy on account of variable feeding speeds. We created a microprocessor-based controller for filling and weighing units on packers. Applications :- Sugar, Rice, Food Grains, Chemicals, Plastic Granules, Fertiliser, etc. Salient Features / Technical Specifications :- The Machine to be filed below the Storage Hopper. Material flows into the damper controlled by Pneumatic Cylinder. The bag will be reoriented & clamped at the outlet opening of discharge hopper. The bag will be filled to the present material weight. The bag will atomically fall down into the conveyor. After that, the guider will guide the filled bag towards the stitching machine where stitching has been done. EMicroprocessor-based stationary packer. Digital weighing system with indicator. Latest technology and user-friendly designs. Three stages of filling of the material inside the bag ensure better accuracy in weighments. The same machine can be used for packing materials in jute, HDPE (woven), or paper bags (non-laminated). Easy availability of spares and after-sales service.

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