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Thermoforming Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine for Fresh Meat

CEHUMA Hall: Hall 1 Stand: A1-43
Cehuma offers thermoforming vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging solutions to meat industry from retail level to big cuts packaging with the awareness of it is not only wrapping the meat, meat products or poultry products with a plastic film but also providing functional requirements like low moisture / vapor transmission rates, heat shrinkage, stretching, pliability, strength and the ability to retain their protective characteristics over a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Thermoforming packaging machine has the key role in keeping the meat and poultry products without degradation at long shelf life with an aesthetic appearance. Cehuma is making all its R&D activities through this direction and make its work better in each step with a continous improvement philosophy. Cehuma CM series can vacuum and/or modified atmosphere pack fresh red meat, fresh chicken meat, big cuts of fresh meat, salami, sausages, hamburgers, meat balls, chicken nuggets, chicken schnitzel, cooked meat, sliced meat, salted meat and more...