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Thermoform Vacuum / Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine for Dates

CEHUMA Hall: Hall 1 Stand: A1-43
Drying is one of the oldest methods used to preserve foods for long period of time. Due to their significantly active surface, preservation of dried fruits is quite challenging and they are very prone to humidity and oxidation during the strorage. Therefore, it is very important to select the ideal packaging for dried fruits like olives, dates, appricots, figs, mulberries, apples, plums, hazelnuts, wallnuts ... Modified atmosphere packaging inhibites the damaging effects of external factors on dried fruits with the help of Nitrogen. Since the shelf life of dried fruit is very long, MAP materials must have very high moisture and gas barrier properties. Top and bottom co-extruded PA/PE thermoforming barrier films,offers a very succesfull protection for dates and other dried fruits. Cehuma offers both vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) machines for dates, appricots, olives, figs, apples, plums, nuts... at the highest possible speed with a reliable quality.

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