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Tamay Salmon Advanced Processing Lines

Tamay Industrial Equipment Hall: Hall 3 Stand: 310
Made of AISI 304-316 quality high quality stainless steel, in compliance with hygiene and food norms; It is all of the processes in which decapitation, evisceration, evisceration and washing processes can be carried out in large fish such as salmon and trout at a speed of 30 products/minute. It is also available in a 45 degree angled version that targets the ergonomics and comfort of the working personnel. The wastes are removed from the line with the help of the auger located under the line. The operation of the process is as follows: Livar placed in the Tublifter-Livar Tiller is knocked over to the Buffer Washing Tank and Z Conveyor. The fish washed in the tank are transferred to the selection table by means of the Z conveyor. At this stage, the staff takes the fish at the selection table and inserts them into the decapitating unit one by one and performs the decapitation of the fish. The decapitated fish are placed on the picking line (chain conveyor) with one fish per pan. The staff performs internal removal and internal cleaning in the areas reserved for these placed fish. Removed and cleaned fish are washed by entering the nozzle washing cabinet. Then the washed fish are transferred to the Buffer Washing Tank and Z Conveyor in order to wait for a while, to be washed again and to stay fresh. Then your products are transferred to the final product table from here. According to the operation of the process for the facility, the products are distributed to the cold storage rooms/packaging/shipment from here.

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