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Tamay Precision Packaging Machine (PPM)

Tamay Industrial Equipment Hall: Hall 3 Stand: 310
Made of AISI 304-316 grade high quality stainless steel, in compliance with hygiene and food norms; to industrial food production and further processing facilities; It is a user-friendly, productivity-oriented machine that will bring high quality and dynamism. The Precision Packing Machine ensures that frozen product groups, granular product groups or filleted product groups are matched within the target kilogram range and turned into packages. The products to be packed are placed one by one in the area where there are 7 precision scales in the feeding area. After the products are weighed in this area, they move to the 14 pan section under this area. The parts closest to the target weight given among 14 pans are dropped to the conveyor under the machine. The calculated products are dropped on the conveyor belt to come to the packaging personnel. The personnel at the station at the end of the band makes the packaging process. FEATURES : • AISI 304-316 Grade High Quality Stainless Steel Construction, • Compact Design, • Ergonomic Design, • Tailor Made Industrial Design, • Easy to Clean, • High Efficiency, • Low Production Costs, • Domestic Goods Production, • IP67 Touch screen control, • Remote accessible system, • Opportunity to receive different reports, • Fast technical support, • Fast spare parts supply, • Multi-language support, • Continuous Production Flow, • Compliant with HACCP Norms, • 3D Drawing Supported Production.


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