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A Innovative Food Products LLP Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-H16
A Innovative Food Products LLP, a manufacturer and exporter of snack pellets and micro pellets in India, is devoted to developing new pellets to take its customers at the forefront of innovation. We listen to consumers everchanging preferences and innovate on those insights. As a snack manufacturer, our customers always want to lead the new products introducers gang. We take pride in being at their disposable when they need to innovate. We are the only manufacturer in the world to manufacture micro pellets and micro pellets popping machine. It's a rare combination and hence gives us an edge to understand the behaviour of both raw material and the processing equipment alike. Our machine InnoPOP has a industry leading yet easy to use large touchscreen HMI and Our PLC has many user-friendly functions, making it a world class equipment. Users enjoy industry first features like: 1) Digitally managing different parameters like cooking time, temperature, thickness etc. 2) Individual mold temperature controlled 3) Special pre heating cycles 4) specially designed heaters for uniform heat distribution 5) All pneumatic cylinders with position failure detection sensors 6) Sensor to detect low air pressure 7) Hydraulic oil temperature monitoring sensor 8) VFD for efficient flow of oil 9) Sensor to stop the machine is raw material is empty 10) Multiple machine integration with central control station and many other features to make operators life easy at the same time improve product quality. InnoPOP can pop Cereals (rice, wheat, corn, ancient grains), Pulses (peas, lentils, beans, chickpeas), Potato, Grits, Humified Rice and Prity much anything that can be popped. For the next decade, health will be determining factor while selecting snacks by the consumers. Lets team up and make a wide range of good for you products, so that consumers can get what they are looking


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