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Serac Combox H2F a single bloc blow-fill-cap unit

Serac Hall: Hall 1 Stand: B1-47
Taking into account the benefits brought by PET bottles and the advantages of on-site blow moulding while capitalizing on its proven experience in the field of chilled drinks packaging, Serac proposes Combox H2F a single bloc blow-fill-cap unit tailored to cope the needs of dairy and beverages manufacturers to enter the bottle market with a reduced level of investment. The solution provides a blow-fill-cap bloc including the Serac SBL linear blow-molder and the H2F for output up to 12 000 PET bottles per hour for the 1 litre format and up to 18,000 PET bottles per hour for single serve bottle formats. The Combox H2F has been designed and developed for the specific requirements of fresh dairy products such as pasteurized milks, flavored or supplemented milks, drinking yogurts, milk-shakes but also chilled juices, smoothies, plant based drinks, milk-juice blends in PET containers. Thanks to stretching rods driven by servo-motors and a perfect closing of the mold, Combox H2F is able to stretch light weight bottles up to their limit with no distortion and no partling. The whole Combox H2F is designed to produce formats ranging from medium such as 2 liter milk containers, to as small as 60ml for samples or “on the go” drinks. The Combox H2F series immediately distinguishes itself with its innovative SBL blower and H2F filler designs which makes it operator safe and user friendly, increasing production uptime. The Combox H2F machine is equipped with state of the art technology and integrates proven, accurate and long-lasting solutions.


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