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Self Service Scale Solution for Retail Stores DIGI SM-6000

Arab Scale Trading LLC Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: S2-D41
Be Free from Limits, the DIGI SM-6000 is equipped with 3 unique technologies that free up end users’ time and space, challenging the status quo. The SM-6000’s unique and functional design allows for a pleasant and customer-centric shopping experience. With the trend on eco-friendly shopping, self-service areas are a growing demand in retail stores. Let DIGI e.Sense be of your help to facilitate daily operation for retailers, and providing enhanced customer experience for shoppers. Here, we introduce how e.Sense works with only 3 simple steps. e.Sense is a motion-activated sensor that can be installed on container or dispenser to transmit the PLU code automatically to the SM-6000. Do away with preset keys by using the tap sensor technology. Operators can now easily call up the correct PLU via the e.Label with Hi-Touch. Replace manual key in of a clerk password with the near field identification feature that offers a hassle-free user login. Fit in twice as many label prints on a single label roll without the liner film sheet and enjoy zero backing paper waste at work!