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Sarmasik Fully Automatic Industrial Tunnel Oven Pan Baking Systems

Sarmasik Makina Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. Hall: Hall 3 Stand: B3-18
In order to realize your ideas and projects, from design to commissioning, with its expert teams and vast experience Sarmasik Group is always there to support you. Sarmasik offers wide range of turn-key project solutions for high-capacity industrial production of any type of bread baked in pans or tins such as toast bread, hamburger buns, roll, baguette, croissant, cupcake, muffin etc. Advantages Even baking, better product quality, increased shelf-life results in happy customers. Economic & efficient, higher throughput, 24/7 operations, lower labor cost, increased profitability. Minimizing risk of human error, easier data collection, traceability and compliance, food safety. Based on needs and requirements, the systems are designed from flour silo system up to packaging. First need assessment is done. Regarding all requirements of clients, Sarmasik technical experts do capacity analysis resulting in a solution for an ideal bakery system. For such systems, Sarmasik main product range consists of Flour Silos/ Scale Hopper/ Flour Sifters/ Spiral Dough Mixers/ Bowl Lifts/ Dough Chunkers/ Bread Makeup Systems -Dough Dividers, Conical Rounders, Intermediate Proofers, Moulders-/ Hamburger Buns & Roll Makeup Systems/ Automatic Final Proofers, /Automatic Pan Loaders/ Automatic Final Proofers/ Tunnel Ovens/ Depanners/ Spiral Coolers & Freezers. Fully-automatic plants can be planned in two phases if required. Once automatic production system is designed, investment can be phased. Initial production can start with a semi-automatic setup which will allow to upgrade the system to fully automatic according to development plan.


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