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Fbr-Elpo S.p.A. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 2 Stand: S2-D15
Achieving extremely high working capacities to satisfy the BAG IN BOX market. It is possible now, thanks to the new completely automatic MUSTANG aseptic filler, built in stainless steel with double filling head with production capacity up to 1.200 bags/h. Designed for the filling of a wide range of products, liquid and with pieces, low and high acid, such as milk, cream, ice-cream basis, natural fruit juices and concentrates, tea, etc. the new MUSTANG filler can handle pre-sterilized bags from 1,5 to 20L with continuous module. Thanks to its significant flexibility, the MUSTANG filler can work with bags that use any type of spout available on the BAG IN BOX market including those with pre-mix or post-mix dispensing pipes. Spouts can be “short neck” or “long neck type”, placed in the centre or in the corner of the bag. Another distinctive feature is the possibility to sterilize the cap either with chemical agents and/or by using steam. A particular transportation system for the bags inside the aseptic area enables to keep both the sterilization tunnel and the filler head entirely closed and isolated from the external environment, even in the lower advancement spout area. This ensures the maximum level of sterility with a low consumption of sterile air, chemical agents and/or steam. The standard version allows the reception of the product directly from a sterilizer without needing the interposition of an aseptic tank (usually indispensable for this kind of machines). An outlet roller conveyor allows the bag unloading on a conveyor belt that permits the further bag insertion inside the box. The cutter, which can be continuously adjusted by means of a wheel, allows a fast adjustment of the format change. The sliding doors guarantee less space and more functionality. The remote-assistance device assures connection, via internet, with FBR-ELPO station.

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