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Lithium-ion batteries for LGVs

E80 Group S.p.A. Hall: Hall 2 Stand: B2-42
All E80’s AGVs and LGVs are powered with the latest-generation lithium batteries Flash Battery® technology with induction charging, a technology designed to maximize factory efficiency and reduce battery wear and charging times. Using lithium batteries by Flash Battery® on AGVs and LGVs brings considerable advantages, and vehicles with this technology allow industries to increase plant efficiency. Among the benefits, it takes far less time for these batteries to recharge than lead batteries, and working cycles are independent of battery charging times. Moreover, lithium batteries reduce all the management costs that would instead result from lead-acid batteries. The charging process is flexible, and during the entire lifetime, all operations of the LGVs fleet are daily and automatically remotely monitored through the “Flash Data Center” software.