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Gulfood Manufacturing 2022


Carcar Platten- & Mosaikleger Hall: 3 Stand: A3-9
Karotek floor channels are made of AISI 304 and/or 316 quality stainless steel. It allows wastewater to be collected and transferred to the drainage pipe. Designed with HACCP standards. The pest and anti-odor inner tool filters are connected to the main filters with stainless steel chain. Compatible with ceramic floor. It is self-inclined, and it can be produced in the desired size and geometric shape. Panel Protector is acid and chemical resistant, non-fading, smooth surfaced product that can be used in all areas such as panels, walls, ceramic surfaces, column bottoms, stair steps, terraces and similar outdoor areas where easy cleaning and hygiene required places like factories, cold rooms, icehouses thanks to its radius form that makes it easy to clean and minimizes the bacteria formation. Panel Protector protects against abrasions and impacts and also has a warning tape function due to its remarkable colors at areas it is installed. With the modular structure of our Panel-TEK Panel Protector models, you can cover the desired walls, corners and column surfaces of your facility between 25 cm to 200 cm starting from the floor level. Panel-TEK Panel Protective Products are manufactured with materials suitable for food production and do not contain GLASS FIBER and CALCITE. Panel-TEK Panel Protective Properties manufactured with materials suitable for food production. resistant to cleaning chemicals. resistant to extreme hot water has an antibacterial smooth surface. can be applied rapidly on all kinds of materials. is easy to clean serves as warning tape function. protects the applied surface against corrosion. can be produced in the desired color.