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Jegerings Vegetable Processing Line for Small to Medium-Sized Companies

KSK Quadra Machinery Ltd Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-D48
With a capacity of 1000 kg per hour, this vegetable processing line is perfectly suited for small- and medium sized companies. During this process, the vegetables will be cut, washed and dried. So first, the vegetables are cut. The vegetable cutting machine (BCM-1650 or BCM-2450) is extremely versatile and can cut almost any vegetable and certain other products. Among these are: chives, parsley, spring onion, flat string beans, chili peppers, leek, chicory, celery, endive, iceberg salad, lollo bionda, lettuce, pak choi, melon, onions, white cabbage, melon, carrot, cucumber, and tomatoes.