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Jegerings Salad Processing Line

KSK Quadra Machinery Ltd Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-D48
The salad processing line with 3-stage washing is especially designed for companies that are looking for an extremely clean product with a very low germ count. Even vegetables that generally have a very high dirt content before washing (such as leek) will become perfectly clean after passing through the three washing stages. Apart from an excellent washing result, the vegetable processing line with 3-stage washing will guarantee an excellent cutting result as well as optimally dried vegetables. This vegetable processing line shows several examples of processing leafy vegetables (iceberg lettuce and lollo rosso), but this processing line is well-suited for a wide variety of vegetables such as leek, onions, paprika, pumpkin, butternut, tomatoes, chili peppers, cucumbers, carrots, Chinese cabbage, Napa cabbage, red cabbage, white cabbage, potatoes, beetroots, spinach, beans, kale, herbs and many more. Apart from a diversity of vegetables, our processing lines are also capable of cutting a wide variety of cutting sizes and shapes such as slices, squares, julienne/sticks, grate and cubes. All our processing solution can be tailored to meet the requirements of our customers. For example, the processing line can be extended by peeling and sorting solutions. Also customization is possible: conveyor belts, pre-cutting tables, preparation stations and other options can be tailored to provide our customers a well-suited and excellent processing solution. We have all machines in our product range ready for demonstration in our test- and demonstration facility. Due to travelling restrictions, we realize that visiting our test- and demonstration facility is difficult for most of our customers. As an alternative, we offer online live and interactive demonstrations to our customers where we extensively demonstrate our machinery processing the vegetables requested by our customers.


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