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In line Filling & Sealing machine

Ilpra S.p.A. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 3 Stand: S3-B15
ILPRA Fill Seal 6L is designed for high volume productions. This 6 lines model is suitable for both hot and cold packaging of liquid or creamy products and for sealing them with heat-sealable discs (Available also in film version). The machine is equipped with high-capacity storage, ensuring a long working buffer without human intervention. The laminar flow hood and the uvc lamps guarantee an ultra clean working environment. The denester consists of 6 individual denesting units, equipped with a special cup presence detector and each doser has its own motor, which allows the customer to regulate the dosing volume on each cup. The Fill Seal 6L is designed to minimise downtime and maximize production capacity: this is also reflected in the snap on lids device, equipped with a large capacity storage system that allows the continuous automatic loading of container piles. All the dosers are CIP (Clean in Place) washable without the need to disassemble the dosing components.

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