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Gulfood Manufacturing 2022


LU-VE Middle East DMCC Hall: 7 Stand: A7-4
LU-VE GROUP PRESENTS IGEA, THE NEW HYGIENE FILTER Igea is the new solution designed by LU-VE Group to sanitize the air. The Igea kit (patent pending) is simple to install and can be applied on all commercial dual discharge air coolers produced by LU-VE Exchangers, Alfa LU-VE and AIA. The Igea filter uses photocatalysts with WO3 (tungsten trioxide) activated by LED light to eliminate viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. The advantages of the new Igea technology are numerous. Tests conducted by the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan show a 100% reduction in the viral load of SARS-CoV-2 after only 30 minutes of use. Tests performed by the University of Salento have shown that Igea can reduce the amount of the hormone ethylene, which is responsible for the ripening of vegetables. This reduction postpones their spoilage, extending the shelf life of foodstuffs up to 15 days. Finally, the system uses LED technology (and not traditional UV lamps) which guarantees a reduction in electricity consumption, an increase in the longevity of the device, as well as protecting the safety of people and animals (it does not emit UV rays).