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Gulfood Manufacturing 2022

Forming stations LR-2 and LR-2F

Trima Triebeser Maschinenbau GmbH Hall: 2 Stand: B2-24
The LR-2 long roll unit is a machine without resting time which can be combined with the PRIMA Duo divider-rounder. Long rolls or flattened products of hand-made quality can be made by a highly effi cient process. The rolls are transferred from the 2-pocket head machine by spreader belts into the machine. The pieces of dough are fed into the long roller mechanism or universal fold-type/long roller mechanism. On the version with a single long rolling mechanism the pieces of dough can be elongated using a long rolling plate. The inlet and outlet height of the long rolling plate can be variably set. On the version with a universal fold-type/long rolling mechanism the piece of dough is fi rst pre-pinched and then rolled out using 2 rollers and a counter roller with adjustable spacing. The rolls are folded and rolled between the moving bottom belt and a top belt moving in the opposite direction. Only rolling is also possible; for this the maximum roller gap is set. The speed setting of the top belt is stepless. If the top belt moves at high speed, the rolls obtain maximum length. The setting of the entry and delivery height between the belts is also stepless. When both belts move at the same speed and the gap has been set, the rolls are simply pressed fl at. The rolls produced are round if the rolling gap is set to the largest size and the delivery height between the belts and the long roll plate and the following belt is set to maximum position.