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FCM30-L1 Linear Fill-Seal packaging machine for buckets filling

ALFA MACHINE Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-111
This is a Linear Fill-Seal packaging machine for buckets filling with advanced hygienic filling conditions and 2 dosing heads per bucket for optimum dosing accuracy. Production capacity up to 600 buckets per hour. This high-end packaging machine can be appropriate for any liquid to viscous food product such as yogurt, dairy creams, mayonnaise, sauces and dips. Equipped with a film of soft lid (roll) and rigid lid applicators and high manufacturing quality. UV-C technology offering efficient decontamination of lid material and food grade H2O2 gas solution (by Ecolab) flushing before and after the filling in the headspace of the bucket. Laminar flow machine cabinet. Inert gas flushing before the sealing offering less than 1% oxygen residue in the headspace of the cup. Sealing checking mechanism and inkjet printers integration. Fully servo-driven and stainless steel construction. CIP connectable volumetric dosing station with high accuracy and maximum food safety. PLC by Rockwell Allen-Bradley, servomotors and drives by Kollmorgen.

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