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Cartoner 100

Blueprint Automation B.V. Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-B3
Cartoner 100 Horizontal Load Carton Erector, Carton Loader & Carton Seal Process up to 100 pre-glued cartons per minute with the Cartoner 100 Intermittent Motion cartoning machine. Because of its intermittent operation, the production speed of this machine is high in comparison to its relatively small footprint. This almost fully stainless steel machine offers a high standard of cleanliness. The hygienic building principle makes this machine highly suitable for the food production industry. Main drive functions are servo driven or AC drives, resulting in highly controlled and accurate movements. Engage with us to discuss your specific products and cartons. We will gladly inform you about the maximum processing capacity of this excellent intermittent motion cartoning machine. As every production environment is unique, every organization requires a tailored solution. Challenge us and put our experts to the test, to devise the solution that fits your process like a glove.

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