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Business success story: Carozzi (Cile)

E80 Group S.p.A. Hall: Hall 2 Stand: B2-42
In 2013, Carozzi sent its production and logistic processes down an important path of innovation, with the primary objective of increasing factory sustainability and improving the service offered to the end customer. The company was founded in 1898 in Chile and is a leader in the Latin American food industry, with more than 100 brands, from pasta and flours to juices, snacks, and chocolate. In this context, Optimus was launched in 2017, not as a simple project but as an integral part of the digital transformation process initiated by Carozzi using cutting-edge technology. Indeed, Optimus is the result of Carozzi's need to increase operations of its distribution center in Nos, in the province of Santiago, Chile, to flexibly adapt to its production growth, while offering an excellent and personalized service to the market at the same time. To achieve their goals for efficiency, sustainability and safety, Carozzi chose E80 Group, which is recognized as a leader in the field of tailor-made intralogistics solutions, able to integrate and automate all intralogistics workflows thanks to the implementation of SDM software and our systems: automated laser-guided vehicles, picking system, and an AS/RS Stacker Crane high-density automated warehouse that is 30 meters high. To date, this project has enabled Carozzi to increase its shipping capacity by 35% compared to the previous system, optimizing the existing warehousing space with a saturation of 98%.

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