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Business success story: Evian (France)

E80 Group S.p.A. Hall: Hall 2 Stand: B2-42
In 2013, E80 Group developed a project divided into different phases, during which it rigorously analyzed the customer's requirements and assessed how the offered solutions, from hardware to software, could deliver the integrated and automated management of intralogistics flows and supervision of all processes for Évian. The added value provided by E80 Group consisted above all in the capacity to redevelop existing facilities, without halting production, so that the customer was still able to satisfy high market demand during project implementation. In a preliminary analysis and study phase, E80 Group successfully tested the use of 2 automated laser-guided vehicles (LGVs) and a customized soft drop system for the automated and safe management of preforms. The Group then implemented a further 27 LGVs, to integrate operations in the factory, managing and transferring 300 pallets per hour, outbound from the 14 robotized E80 stretch wrapping systems in the shipping area, where they are loaded onto trucks and wagons. In order to respond to constant production growth of the brand, during the third phase E80 Group developed a high-density automated warehouse, SmartStore, for the storage of around 20,000 pallets. This system is connected to the pre-staging areas by an additional 38 LGVs. Automated laser-guided vehicles guarantee effective rotation, total product traceability, and the reduction of CO2, thanks to integration with the customer's ERP. All flows and LGV missions are synchronized and supervised by E80 software platform SM.I.LE80, which optimizes the performance of production lines and material transport, free from errors and without any waste of time. In the final phase of the project, in order to further integrate the bottling site and develop an end-to-end solution, 20 LGVs were added, feeding the 14 bottling lines of Sidel with auxiliary materials, including empty pallets and preforms, reaching a total of 87 LGVs.

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